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Our goal is to build close relationships with our clients. It is important for us to build mutual trust and achieve results at the end of the selection process. We are advisors, helpers and partners for our clients. We are seeking ways to deal with the client’s situation not only by automatically accepting the request to find a candidate but also by providing complex advice.

RECRUITMENT (CONTINGENCY SEARCH) is one of the comprehensive recruitment services.  This service is the so-called “base” and is the most often preferred by our clients. The service is mainly provided on the basis of:


  • Job advertising
  • Approaching candidates from the internal database and job portal databases
  • Use of social networks and networking


The selection process is always led by an experienced Senior Consultant.

LIGHT RECRUITMENT is the narrowest service provided in terms of the scope. In terms of resources used, it is similar to the Recruitment service but the consultant presents selected candidates to the client based on:


  • A detailed telephone conversation and therefore no personal interviews are conducted
  • It is a more affordable alternative to conventional recruitment


We adapt the course of this service to the client’s expectations, criteria and conceptions about a new employee.

EXECUTIVE SEARCH (HEADHUNTING) is a search for candidates based on detailed market research and direct addressing of passive candidates with an emphasis on confidentiality. As a part of the service the client will receive:


  • Market/competition overview
  • A list of potential candidates who work in direct competition
  • A detailed report on selected candidates
  • Verification of their motivation, engagement and work ethic
OUTPLACEMENT – We will help your outgoing employees to orientate themselves in the labor market. We will tailor-make a package of suitable processes for the employees to quickly adapt in their next job. We will provide:


  • Consultation of previous professional experience
  • Overview of new job opportunities
  • Consultation and editing of a CV/cover letter
  • Simulated job interview and subsequent feedback
  • Use of social networks and job portals
  • Career counseling, defining career guidance options
CAREER COUNSELING – We will guide you on the path of a successful candidate. According to your requirements, we will prepare a series of useful consultations including e. g.:


  • The analysis of previous work experience
  • Editing your CV and cover letter
  • Preparation for frequently asked interview questions
  • Simulation of a personal interview and subsequent feedback
  • Creation of an account on the social network LinkedIn
  • Working with various job portals
TAILOR-MADE SERVICE FOR COMPANIES – Have you not found the service you are looking for?  We will be happy to talk with you about your individual needs and requirements and we will tailor-make a service for you.

Examples of services used:


  • You only need to advertise the position, but not under your own brand
  • You only need to contact one specific employee of your competitor
  • You only need to consult the possibilities of the labor market or help with the setting of wages in a new department or before establishing a company (this service is free for our active clients)
  • You need to “rent” our recruiter for a specific time
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